Safety Instructions

For safe use

Use the lighter with the utmost care and caution!

The lighter can only be used for lighting wood and coal, according to the instructions in the manual.

ATTENTION! Do not keep the lighter pushed to the heated coal as the protective surface might melt and become deformed! Wait 10-15 minutes until the coal cools down to grey.

Children should never use the lighter under any circumstances.

Never leave the lighter outside.

Never expose the lighter to rain or other moisture.

Keep the lighter in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

Never use lighting liquid and LOOFLIGHTER at the same time.

During use and for a short time after use, the lighter must not touch other objects than its targets (wood, coal).

Only use grounded extension cords.

Make sure that the extension cord does not touch the barbecue or the fire in the fireplace. Do not use the lighter if the extension cord is damaged.

After use, remember to always unplug the lighter and store it in a dry, safe place.

Do not use the lighter near easily flammable liquids and gases.

Do not forget! Pay attention to ashes and embers that might stir up in the air during use.