The following advices provide help for the use of the lighter.

With the lighter you can light your barbecue and fireplace in a fast, effective and nature friendly way. You decide when the embers should be ready for barbecuing.

For a fast and effective result, it is the best to pile up the coal on one side of the barbecue and only spread it when the embers are ready.

Attention! NEVER USE lighting fluids together with the lighter!

If you want the embers to be ready in around 30 minutes, use the lighter for around 1 minute. Longer use accelerates the lighting process, thus embers will be ready faster.

On the other hand, if you want your coal to be ready as soon as possible, use the lighter for a few minutes more.

You can light the barbecue the traditional way also (without a fluid), and use the lighter for speeding up the process.

If the barbecue is already lit, but guests are late, you can bank up embers (providing the barbecue has a cover) and light it later with the lighter when necessary.

If the embers have burned out and you have to fill up coal, use the lighter for re-lighting.

If the coal is already burning, put the cooking grid to its place; you can use the lighter over the grids, too. The bits of food burnt onto the grids will burn off owing to the high temperature; this is the so-called pyrolitic cleaning.

If possible, use oaken wood charcoal or briquettes, which are whole and not crumbled. Low quality coal and briquette can sputter extensively, so please use these with proper care!

The lighter is perfect for lighting fire for barbecues, in the fireplace, stoves, tile stoves, woodburning cooker stoves and woodburning household furnaces.

Before lighting the fireplace, heat the chimney with the lighter in order to start a draft. Simply hold the lighter upwards in the fireplace's chimney and keep the button pushed for around 60 seconds.

You can use the lighter for relighting a fire that has burned out. Put fresh wood on the embers and point the lighter at it. The fire will be burning again in around 15-30 seconds.

ATTENTION! The LOOFTLIGHTER might emit a slight smoke during the first use, which is completely normal.