Lighting the barbecue

Lighting the Barbecue

Embers are ready in a couple of minutes

  1. Pile up the coal on one side of the barbecue.
  2. Plug the lighter in and hold it close to the pile so that the end of the lighter TOUCHES the coal in the barbecue.
  3. Push the button. When the coal starts sputtering (in 15-30 seconds) pull the lighter 10-20 centimetres away, aiming at the same point for around a further 60 seconds.

For barbecues, use high quality coal or briquette; we prefer and advise those made of oaken wood.

Use the lighter in the following way so your barbecue embers would be ready fast

Light the barbecue following the above instructions. When the coal catches fire, pull the lighter slowly to 10-20 centimetres away. Keep the button pushed and the lighter aimed at the same point.

Based on the quantity and quality of the coal, it requires only a few minutes to prepare perfect barbecue embers.