The Lighter

The true story of the Looftlighter

Everybody LISTEN! Shortly you will be able to read the true story of the Looftlighter!!! It will be very interresting!


What is this lighter for?

This is a long-awaited appliance for those, who enjoy the cosy calm around the fireplace or the matchless taste of barbecued food.

Using a fireplace and grilling are truly great experiences, but both of these are preceded by an uncomfortable ‘ritual’, which no one can avoid: lighting the fire.

Sometimes this simple process ruins the whole experience. Sometimes, people refrain from using the fireplace or the barbecue on account of this. There already exist rudimentary attempts to solve this problem, but these still come with difficulties, and sometimes even with dangers and side effects damaging one’s health and the environment.



The time of poky lighting is over: the practical solution has arrived!

From now on, You decide when You want to light the fire in the fireplace or heat up the barbecue embers for cooking.

With the fireplace and barbecue lighter you can light your fireplace and heat up your barbecue embers in a fast, effective and nature friendly way – and all this without lighting fluid. On the top of this, one lighting costs only around 0.2 Euro Cents!

The lighter is Swedish invention of high technical quality. It is also perfect as a present: the one who gives it can be proud of the idea, while it is 100% certain that it is going to provide the one on the receiving end with numerous nice moments – which will thus remind him/her of You. Besides being extremely practical, it definitely is pleasing to the eye!

What are the benefits?

  • Lighting the fireplace in 1 minute,
  • heating up the barbecue embers in 2 minutes,
  • no need for lighting fluid anymore,
  • cheap: only 0.2 Euro Cent per lighting,
  • free of materials harmful to your health,
  • environment friendly,
  • fast and clean,
  • safe,
  • Swedish design,
  • it can be set on its feet or hanged.

How much is it?